Ukraine war latest: Russia defends death sentences for captured Britons

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Video caption: Low-flying Ukrainian jet skims above trees

is an extreme hostile environment for fighter pilots, whether they be Russian
or Ukrainian.

missile systems cover the skies, ranging from shoulder-launched “Stinger” MANPADS to advanced S-300 and S-400 long-range SAMs.

carrying out ground attack roles include the Su-25 “Frogfoot”, a plane that’s
being used by both sides in this war.

of the SAM threat, pilots often fly low and fast to avoid the threat posed by those missile systems.

one example that’s appeared on social media shows the lengths – or rather low
heights – Ukrainian pilots are going to avoid being shot down.

At one point – at the start of the video – we see that the instrument used to detect radar-guided attacks is activated. This equipment – radar warning receiver – is located on the front panel on the right.

It shows, for a brief moment, a missile being launched at the aircraft itself, as shown by the illuminated red area in this image.

It’s likely the speed and low height of the Su-25 allowed it to quickly escape the missile threat, as the RWR alert soon disappears.

Similar very low-level runs have been carried out by Russian pilots, such is the strength – and threat – of air defences on both sides in this conflict.

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Image caption: A radar warning receiver shows a red light that means a missile is launched at the aircraft itself